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The journey into a profound spirituality for me began when I said, "I quit." Refusing to continue pretending everything was "fine," I told my husband I was quitting our church - and he was the pastor!

I could have never dreamt that the powerful journey I would take - to "quit" the things that really don't belong to God's kingdom and embrace the things that do - would change not only my life and marriage but the lives of countless others around the world.

Roam the website, enjoy the resources and prepare for the journey of a lifetime!


Just returned from an EHS trip to Brazil to train Pastors and leaders who represented over a hundred thousand people. Here are some “fun facts” and reflections. images

No black tea in the country. We are tea drinkers 
but Brazil is the world’s largest producer for coffee of the last 150 years. We were in tea withdrawal.
“Fala ingles? When I went to the mall looking for chocolate I could not find anyone who spoke English (I asked at least a dozen people). I bought the wrong chocolate (it was wrapped and I didn’t know it was white chocolate).
Sao Paulo alone has enough cars to go around the globe twice. That explains why there are so many auto shops and why a 27 min. ride to the airport takes 90 min. in rush hour.
People everywhere. Sao Paulo has 20 million people. NYC has 8 million.

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